I look to the liveliness of people for inspiration and momentum.  I’ve always painted but at certain times in my life I’ve not had the confidence to show others my work, but currently I do. Who the fuck knows about tomorrow. 

I think of my work as that of a cartographer of social situations. Mostly I’m a social person but I have deeply lonely moments of being introverted, although I’ve learnt that the more I close myself off from people the harder it is to get to be among people again.  I hate this feeling of loneliness and I hate the idea that other people may suffer from it too.  So, seriously, lets get together…

My continued work ”Table Talk” is two pronged:

1st. I like to spend time preparing a meal for people almost as much as I love sharing the meal with people. By video recording the event from a bird’s eye view I am left with footage that resembles multiple maps of people’s social interaction with the music of conversation over the top.

2nd. I then study the collected documentations and make etchings, prints and paintings from it to highlight the importance of human connectivity.


Bath School of Art, Bath, UK 2014/15 – MFA: Painting

SINK Art Project, San Francisco, USA & Bahamas 2009/11 – researcher

TANK magazine, London, UK 2007/9 – producer 

Allsopp Contemporary, London, UK 2006/7 – gallerist

School of Arts, Hamburg, Germany 2005/6 – artist academic year placement

Wimbledon School of Art, London, UK 2002/5 – BA: Fine Art Painting

St.Martins School of Art, London, UK 2001/2 – Foundation: Fine Art Painting

Heathfield School, Ascot, UK 1993/2000 – Artistic Scholar

If you wanna come round for dinner or contact me: piapack0@gmail.com