I look to the liveliness of people for inspiration and momentum – I think of my work as that of a cartographer of social situations.

It begins with getting people together to enjoy each other’s company over a shared meal – my practice starts when I think about what to cook, usually something Italian inspired… good ingredients and a simple recipe. I want people to enjoy what I’ve cooked, to relax at the table, to push back their chairs with a full stomach and talk well into the night.  I’ve never had any trouble staying up all night long, at the dinner table or in the studio.

Throughout the meal, with all people’s consent, I audio visual record the entire meal as seen from above.  Later, in the studio, I transcribe the still frames from the film into mapped sketches which are then used as the studies for further painted works.  Studying hand movements and space occupied, interested in ideas of mapping and charting, and listening to the music of conversations – people’s social interaction is an endless source of inspiration.

From my formative teenage years in London in the 90s, via Berlin, San Francisco and the wild west of England to living in Los Angeles now with my husband, my step-daughter and daughter – I hope that my work highlights the importance of human connectivity in an age where we are seemingly becoming more insular.

p.s. If you’re interested to come over for food and chats please get in contact: piapack0@gmail.com  We have an open door policy, sometimes we host meals with friends, sometimes with work colleagues and sometimes with people I just met in the playground while looking after the kids. Anyone and everyone is welcome.  And if you want your meal recorded and painted… lets talk.




Bath School of Art, Bath, UK 2014/15 – MFA: Painting

SINK Art Project, San Francisco, USA & Bahamas 2009/11 – researcher

TANK magazine, London, UK 2007/9 – producer

Allsopp Contemporary, London, UK 2006/7 – gallerist

School of Arts, Hamburg, Germany 2005/6 – artist academic year placement

Wimbledon School of Art, London, UK 2002/5 – BA: Fine Art Painting

St.Martins School of Art, London, UK 2001/2 – Foundation: Fine Art Painting

Heathfield School, Ascot, UK 1993/2000 – Artistic Scholar